What Is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of being, a healthy functioning balance of our mind, body and spirit that results in a direct experience of well-being in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Embodying health and happiness, the wellness approach aims to actualize our highest potential on behalf of a fulfilled life for others and ourselves (Christopher Baxter, www.InnerSkyYoga.com). 

What Alternative Care and Personal Development does Ablevet provide?




Massage Therapy



Light Energy Therapy

Tai Chi


Chiropractic Care

Vibrational Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy


Landmark Forum

Who Do We Help?


Their Spouses

Their Children (18 years of age and younger still living at home)

How Are We Funded?

Donations from the general public


Company sponsorship



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Todd Nault


President & CEO

As a service connected Veteran who has personally experienced the one shoe fits all approach of the present veterans health care system with little to no relief; I began to search for alternative forms of health care.


Through a combination of Eastern and Western medical practices I was able to achieve a greater ability to cope with the pain, discomfort, depression and anxiety. This ultimately has afforded me with a much higher quality of life. These practices, usually not covered by the Veterans Administration, are financially unavailable to most Veterans.


Therefore I am starting this non-profit company, with the help of others to facilitate the funding necessary to provide alternative health care services for Veterans and their immediate families seeking a different approach to healing what ails them. 


Donna Nault


Secretary & Treasurer

I have been married to a Veteran for the last 18 years.  In this time I have personally seen where alternative medical care like Chiropractic, Yoga, Light Energy Therapy, and personal development through Landmark have greatly helped improve the quality of life for my husband. 


I strongly believe that these resources need to be available to all our nations veterans and their families.  It is my honor to serve on the Board of Directors for Ablevets in order to make alternative care a reality for them.


Vern Mitten



Vern attended Miami university, Oxford, Ohio on a Navy scholarship. After graduating with a BS degree he became a Naval aviator.  He was part of Operation Deep Freeze providing helicopter support, search and rescue, and mountain flying specialty in Antarctic with the National Science Foundation. During that time he was also a cold weather survival instructor. Upon finishing that assignment he became a Navy flight instructor. Following his Navy career he worked for Bandag, inc retiring as a Division Manager.

He and his wife formed and successfully ran several entrepreneurial ventures. He holds a USCG 50 ton Captain’s license.